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The European Community has tried to harmonize the substantive law for the protection of the biotechnological invention since the early nineties. The first communitarian normative try failed to arrive to a good end because of the lack of agreement among the institutions. In the second try, the Directive 98/44/CE has failed as in the aprovement process as in the transposition to the national ordainments, given place to the interposition of an invalidity resource and many others breach processes. Among some of the most questionable matters, which have given more doubts, it's found the patent of the isolated elements of the human body. This article analyzes the aprovement process and the resource of the mentioned directive, the re- lation with the law of biotechnological no communitarian patents, and it also shows that there are some pendent matters to solve in the field of the private law to arrive to a complete law protection system of the biotechnological inventions in Europe and even more when they are related to the human biological subject.

*Doctora en derecho por la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.


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