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The author concentrates her attention on the amendments made by Legislative Assembly of the Federal District to the core of the marriage institution; pointing out the singularity which results from including within its standards, the conjugal union, which she finds strange and therefore asks whether that task constitutes an objective of the codification. Her review specifically considers a determination of the purposes of marriage, which are not extin-guished with procreation, since among these are included the community of lives, mutual respect, as well as equality. Within the new standard she also points out the requirement for a minimum age for a couple, of sixteen years. On the matter of impediments she makes particular reference to those which are dispensable, such as incurable impotence to copulate and the suffering of chronic and incurable illness. Her text makes reference to the repeal of article 158 of the Civil Code, which impeded women from again contrac-ting marriage until three hundred days have elapsed from the date of dissolution of the previous bonds. As regards economic support to the household, article 164 bis is now included, which is considered as such; finding that the legislature's intent is to update the approved regulation to the evolution of the marriage relationship in Mexican Society.

*Investigadora titular del Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la UNAM.


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